DWV Overflow Relief Cap

Code: 173.100ORC

The Overflow Relief Cap (ORC) is the anti-stormwater inflow relief device from Iplex Pipelines.

Inflow of stormwater into the sewer system from residential house laterals, following significant rainfall events, has long been recognised as a problem for sewerage treatment infrastructure.  This can have a major impact on estuarine environments if sewer systems become overloaded with stormwater causing failure and release of untreated sewerage aboveground.  The Iplex Overflow Relief Cap is an anti-stormwater inflow device (ORC), which seals against stormwater inflow to sewer drains from house laterals during flood conditions, whilst also providing effective venting and sewer Overflow Relief as part of an Overflow Relief Gully (ORG) arrangement.  The ORC can be retrofitted into an existing house drain arrangement in place of a conventional PVC gully dish or to substitute for a traditional Overflow Relief exit point.

  • Eliminates stormwater inflow through conventional Overflow Relief Gully (ORG)
  • Eliminates stormwater inflow through a conventional PVC gully dish arrangement
  • Acts as a vent
  • Provides a backflow or overflow relief point
  • Reduces waste water treatment costs
Product Code Size Length Pressure Joint Type Qty Colour
173.100ORC 100mm - Solvent Cement x RRJ Pop Up body 30 White Enquire
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