Case Study - Niue Runway Upgrade, Niue

Case Studies
Niue pipe

Niue's Airport Redevelopment 

Supported by Iplex


 Principal:                           Niue Government / NZAid

Design Consultant:            GHD

Project:                              Niue Runway Upgrade Project 

Product:                             100mm HD orange electrical duct



Niue, an island country northeast of New Zealand with a population of just 1,700, is self-governing in a ‘free association’ with New Zealand. The tiny island relies heavily on its airport which provides a lifeline to its population. With the runway surface at Niue’s airport showing signs of deterioration for many years, an Environmental Impact Assessment was undertaken by GHD on behalf of Niue’s government, with a view to undertaking an upgrade.

Following the report an NZAid funded project has been underway to resurface the existing runway, taxiway and apron as well as undertake minor earthworks at the safety ends and install a new perimeter fence – ensuring the continuation of critical airport services. The extensive works include an upgrade to the runway lighting, which requires a considerable volume of electrical ducting.

 The Iplex solution

“We received orders for approx. 2000 lengths of 100mm HD orange electrical duct (four 20ft container loads) which are due to leave New Zealand at the end of November,” says Craig Fisher, Export Coordinator for Iplex Pipelines. “It’s the first time we have manufactured 375mm in our Christchurch factory which is the bulk of the contract. After successful trial runs with some fine tuning by our fantastic quality and manufacturing team we have successfully filled the order for our customer in Niue.”

“We are very glad to be part of this project which supports our small pacific neighbour and assists with their growth and development.”