Pipes and fittings for rural use, specifically irrigation, stock water reticulation, land drainage, effluent dispersal and culverts.

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Stock Water

Iplex supply an extensive range of tough, long life Polyethylene (PE) pipe solutions for stock water applications. Available in a wide assortment of ID, OD and coil lengths, they are ideal for the supply of water to sheep, cattle, horses and other live stock.

Combined with our range of PLASSON compression fittings, Iplex’s choice of PE100 and Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) provide a proven long term solution for use in New Zealand’s diverse conditions and climates.

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Iplex has a range of effective and efficient PE and PVC pipes and fittings systems that provide the backbone of many rural irrigation projects in New Zealand.

Apollo™ PVC-O pressure pipes offers a high performance and cost effective solution for irrigation. Apollo™ PVC-O is available in Metric Series 1 (PN6.3 to PN12.5) and Apollo Blue CIOD Series 2 (PN12.5 to PN16) in a variety of diameters from 100mm to 300mm.

Poliplex is a versatile polyethylene pipe available in sizes from DN20 to DN2000. Poliplex is durable, tough and flexible with a potential asset life of at least 100 years.

Novatube Horticultural Lateral Tube is a Polyethylene pipe that is flexible, easy to work with and comes in a wide range of diameters from DN13mm to 25mm. It is specifically designed for use in low pressure horticultural and viticultural irrigation applications.

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Land Drainage (Rural)

NEXUS™ and NOVAFLO™ are a range of PE land drainage pipe systems used for the efficient removal and distribution of water on farms, optimising pasture production and crop yields and improved overall animal health.

The NEXUS™ series (NexusFlo and Nexus Coil) is a tough but flexible twin wall drainage pipe. A smooth inner wall and corrugated outer wall deliver the benefits of improved flow performance. Its smooth bore construction maintains a high water velocity making it self-cleaning and lowers the incidence of silting.

NOVAFLO ™ is single wall high density corrugated polyethylene pipe. NOVAFLO ™ has been serving the land drainage needs of rural New Zealand for over 30 years. NOVAFLO ™ has slots cut at the bottom of the corrugations and spaced around the circumference. Novacoil is the unslotted (unpunched).

Both the NEXUS™ and Nova series are compatible for use with the Nexus/Novaflo range of PVC and PE fittings.

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Farm Dairy Effluent

PE and PVC pipes are available from Iplex for the effective and economic disposal of dairy shed effluent and distribution onto pastures. Polyethylene pipes are available in 6.3 and 8 Bar pressure ratings in various sizes up to 110mm and are coloured black with a lilac tri-stripe. They are compatible for use with our range of PLASSON compression fittings.

Iplex PVC Effluent pipes are rubber ring jointed and lilac in colour and are available in 80mm and 100mm diameters.

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Culvert Pipe

Iplex offers two ranges of plastic culvert pipeline solutions made from Polyethylene (Nexus™ Culvert) or PVC (Farmtuff™), for the management of excess surface water on farms. Plastic culvert pipe acts as a cost effective alternative to traditional concrete culvert pipes.

Nexus™ Culvert is made from polypropylene, an extremely tough yet lightweight material with excellent resistance to impact and abrasion. It is constructed from twin wall smooth bore heavy duty PE and comes in outside diameters of 110mm to 250mm and comes supplied with a push-fit coupler.

Farmtuff™ is manufactured from PVC-U. It is a lightweight smooth bore PVC alternative to standard concrete culvert pipe. It can be joined with a push fit system or solvent socketed. Correctly installed Farmtuff™ can provide a long life asset that delivers consistent, dependable performance. Farmtuff™ is available in 110, 160, 200, 250,315, 400 and 500mm diameters in lengths 3,5 and 6m lengths.

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Choosing Nexus over Novaflo

Choosing Nexus over Novaflo

Firstly let’s consider the pipes, they are not like for like products that can be compared on price. Nexus because of its’ smooth bore, less turbulent flow within the pipe conveys considerably more water than Novaflo, in fact 49% more on any given gradient for the 110mm pipe.

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