Sustainability - Sanctuary Mahi Whenua Garden

Mahi Whenua v5

Putting in the hard mahi for sustainability.



Sanctuary Mahi Whenua is a sustainable slice of nature and education facility that helps give back to the community through its produce and teachings. The sanctuary is entirely run by volunteers who share a strong passion for agriculture, the preservation of biodiversity and of the rich history associated with the sanctuary. The Sanctuary Mahi Whenua has been designed to create an exceedingly productive, edible landscape while minimising external inputs and caring for all organisms. This design emphasises the importance of eco structures and sustainable practises.

Iplex have appreciated learning from the sanctuary and understanding what is happening with water usage and harvesting in an urban environment. Iplex have supported Sanctuary Mahi Whenua by providing Iplex Greenline pipe to help with improving the distribution of water throughout the sanctuary, particularly from the main water tank to smaller outlets around the garden.

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