Iplex – A History of Innovation

Iplex has a long history of innovation in plastic building materials. Industrial Plastics Ltd (IPL) was founded by Otto Menzel in 1938 in Adelaide, South Australia. Menzel wanted a new trading name and his son suggested adding EX for extrusion at the end. IPLEX Plastics was born. Today our team at Iplex carry that tradition and are always looking for new innovations and better ways to serve our customers.

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Delivering Pipelines to New Zealand

Iplex Restrain® - Innovation for Trenchless Applications

Iplex Pipelines has developed Restrain® PVC Sewer Pipe specifically for gravity sewer applications using trenchless techniques, for the installation, repair or replacement of underground infrastructure.
Restrain® is a rubber ring jointed, SN16 PVC-U sewer pipe, utilizing a threaded spigot and “low profile” threaded socket, which provides axial end load restraint.

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