Pipes and fittings for the development and maintenance of potable water and wastewater pipeline networks. Essentially, these products cover any pipelines outside of the property boundary.

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Iplex Superstorm stormwater pipes are available in sizes ranging from DN 90mm to 575mm. Manufactured from PVC-U, Superstorm provides asset owners and contractors with a cost effective solution that offers ease of installation and proven performance for a variety of stormwater applications. The system is ideal for above or below ground stormwater applications and an extensive range of fittings are available.

Iplex also offer the Aquacell™ stormwater management system. Aquacell is easy to assemble and designed for use in infiltration, attenuation or storage / reuse applications across commercial, industrial or residential sites.

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Land Drainage (Civil)

Iplex supplies a range of proven land drainage solutions for the effective and efficient removal and distribution of excess groundwater.

Nexus™ Hi-way and Nexus™ Flo are solutions for meeting the needs of subsoil road drainage projects. Both are suitable for use in construction worksite drainage, subsoil drainage under carriage ways or driveways, or drainage of public landfills. Both comply with the NZ Transport Agency Specification TNZ F/5: 2000.

The Novaflo Filter Sock which is a single wall corrugated subsoil drainage system available in 110m diameter and supplied in 30 metre and 100 metre lengths and comes complete with a pre-applied filter sock and coupler.

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Water Supply

Reliable access to clean, safe drinking water is vital for all New Zealanders, whether they live in large sprawling urban areas or isolated locations. To satisfy this need, Iplex have developed a proven range of water supply pressure pipes and fittings available in PVC and Polyethylene (PE).

Iplex’s PVC Pressure pipe is used extensively in principal water supply or recycled water applications. Our range includes Novakey PVC-U, Blue Rhino PVC-M and APOLLO™ PVC-O. APOLLO™ PVC-O has greater fatigue resistance, higher impact strength and reduced weight compared with traditional PVC-U pressure pipe.

Our PE pressure range is available in sizes ranging from 20mm to 1200mm diameters and is ideal for trenchless installation methods, or where project requirements demand flexibility and long length. Iplex’s PE Pressure pipe supports the use of the technically superior PLASSON range of fittings.

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Waste Water

Iplex Pipelines offers a wide range of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) and Polyethylene (PE) pipeline products for sanitary and sewer system projects. Sewer systems are designed for underground applications, while sanitary systems are designed for residential and commercial building applications.

NOVADRAIN PVC drain, waste and vent pipes in sizes DN 150 to DN575, have a proven track record for sewerage pipes usage. NOVADRAIN systems are cost-effective, lightweight and easy to install. Iplex RESTRAIN offers a viable, less disruptive alternative for the rehabilitation of sewer laterals and support a diverse range of trenchless installation methods.

In situations where gravity pipelines are not feasible, sewage is pumped under pressure in sewer rising mains. In these applications, pressure pipes are required and Iplex’s PVC pressure pipes, including APOLLO™ PVC-O, White Rhino PVC-M and Poliplex PE pressure pipes can be used.

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PE Fittings

The range of innovative fittings created by PLASSON, market leader in design and manufacture of reliable fittings for polyethylene pipe systems.

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Apollo PVC-O Rises to Perform

Apollo PVC-O Rises to Perform

In the past, Oakura’s sewage has been treated by septic tanks on each property. Sub-divisional growth and the transient population, during holiday seasons has prompted the installation of a community sewage reticulation system.

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