Innovation - Mobile Onsite Extrusion

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Mobile Onsite Extrusion Utilising German Technology


Iplex Mobile Extrusion (powered by Tubi) is an innovative new mobile manufacturing plant that can be relocated to larger pipeline projects for onsite manufacture of high quality PE100 polyethylene pipe to AS/NZS 4130, ranging in diameter from
DN75 to DN710 (Pressure classes from PN6 - PN16 dependent on pipe size) and extruded in lengths up to 100m.

Home Base
Iplex Mobile Extrusion has a home base in Ashburton where the plant manufactures high quality PE100;
• Straight lengths of DN75 to DN710 up to 22m
• Flexible coil DN25 to DN140 in a range of lengths (depending on the diameter and the wall thickness).

For larger pipeline projects the plant can be moved off site which allows for longer continuous lengths requiring fewer welds. The plant utilises the latest German engineering technology for the extrusion and Sikora quality measuring equipment to assist with quality control.

Central Plains Irrigation Project
The Tubi plant was first introduced to New Zealand for the Central Plains irrigation project in Canterbury. The project required a total of 160km of PE100 Pipeline. The plant was able to extrude lengths in 100m greatly reducing the number of welds required.

Frequently Asked Questions
How will quality standards be met?
• Pipe supplied will comply with AS/ NZS4130.
• The Iplex Mobile Extrusion plant is the latest in German engineering and extrusion technology (powered by Tubi).
• Precision inline wave measurement technology (powered by Sikora) ensures that every section of pipe is manufactured to the dimensional specifications required.
• A handover quality check & sign off process are conducted on site.
• A valid Standards Mark Licence will be provided prior to project start.

How is pipe moved on site?
Wheel dollies are used to move pipe onsite typically anywhere up to 5km either side of the plant. The pipes are towed and easily follow the direction of the dollie line. Larger dollies can carry multiple pipes offering even more time efficiencies.

What space is required onsite for Iplex Mobile Extrusion?
For safe operations and quality control purposes the plant requires a flat compacted, all weather base of 25m x 75m. Including storage of materials and traffic the overall site area would need to be 175m x 50m