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The Hamnak Pipeline: A Landmark for PVC-O

Civil News

Iplex have recently been a part of a landmark project which involved creating a water transmission pipeline from Oamaru to Hampden (the Hamnak Pipeline). This pipeline is the longest PVC-O project in New Zealand’s history, with 33.2km of PVC-O pipe (DN100 PN12.5 up to DN200 PN12.5 Series 2), supplied in custom 6.5m lengths, required to complete the job.

Our Apollo PVC-O is defined as being ‘lighter, faster and stronger’ than all rival products, which is why the Waitaki District Council chose it to be the exclusive pipe for this project. PVC-O is lighter than your standard PVC and PE pipes, making it much easier to handle and install. For Waitaki DC, the highest return for ratepayer dollar was achieved using PVC-O, both in terms of hydraulic efficiency (highest in class) - and reduced whole of life cost from lower pumping costs, excellent strength as well as impact and fatigue resistance.

 The projects goal was to connect the Oamaru water reticulation with Herbert/Waianakarua and Hampden/Moeraki water supply reticulations – ensuring better drinking water standards for the community that complied with the Ministry of Health standards. We worked closely with Whitestone Contracting Ltd and went above and beyond to guarantee this project was a success, ensuring seamless deliveries to site and successful installations.