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Sewer Rising Main - Eltham to Hawera Pipeline

Civil Case Study

Almost a decade had passed before South Taranaki District Council’s Eltham to Hawera pipeline was constructed by a Taranaki based construction company, since its conception. The 200mm, 10500m Rising Sewer Main conveys Eltham’s Waste Water from their treatment ponds delivering it to Hawera’s Western Trunk Sewer main in a single pipeline.

The designer performed an in-depth study on suitable pipeline materials eventually selecting Bi-Axially Oriented PVC (PVC-O) pipe. PVC-O “stood out” as the preferred material of choice meeting the projects durability performance requirements, including the cyclic fatigue and surge environment.

The installation crews described Apollo to be “extremely easy to handle”, this resulted in less construction equipment used to install the pipeline. The 6m pipes were light enough to be placed into the trench by hand. Other heavier thermoplastic pipes would have required mechanical assistance to install the pipes.

Apollo’s Blueseal™ factory fitted seal ring system allowed the contractor to employ fast-lay methods. The locked-in seal ring provided confidence to the contractor and removed all risk of seal ring dislodgment during construction. This feature assisted the contractor to install in excess of 200 metres of pipe most days.

The pipeline installation took place during 2009.


Contractor:  Hurlestone Earthmoving Ltd

Council:  South Taranaki District Council

Design Consultant:  Beca, New Plymouth