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Iplex is drumming up more value


Iplex have announced some exciting new developments with more products now able to be delivered on our large drum coilers.

Our Drum Coilers can be used for the following Polyethylene pipe products:


Electrical Cable duct

CABLEDUCT 140/123.340CXOR – (DN 140 x 123mm bore x 340m per drum coil x coextruded orange external surface)

CABLEDUCT 110/97.600CXOR – (DN 110 x 97mm bore x 600m per drum coil x coextruded orange external surface)

Gas Pipe

200.100.600IMP (100mm nominal bore x 600m per drum coil)


Choosing Iplex Polyethylene pipe on a drum coiler offers valuable benefits for contractors, with significant savings in the time and cost of jointing and installation. Long length pipes on our drum coilers need only one joint per drum coil. This greatly reduces the number and cost of pipe joint fittings, and the associated time delay for each joint assembly. This ultimately results in significantly faster installations, either by directional drilling or open cut.

We are very excited about our drum coilers and we look forward to delivering further developments in the future.