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Iplex are well prepared for the changes in conduit standards

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Since 1936, Iplex have been the trusted partner for plastic pipeline solutions. We pride ourselves on our industry leading technical experts that bring unparalleled knowledge and expertise to the pipeline industry. Recently, there have been some changes in the standards for PVC conduit systems. However, at Iplex we have anticipated these changes and ensured that our product range is meeting the new industry standards, so we can continue to accommodate for all your electrical ducting and conduit needs.

One of our Technical experts, sales engineer Jay Roy, explains how we reacted to the change in standards to continue meeting our Customers’ needs:

“By introducing our new AS/NZS 61386 compliant range of PVC-U HD Cable Duct we have ensured that our product range meets the latest industry standards. Maintaining our AS/NZS 2053 compliant range for the interim means that we can continue to support our Customers’ ducting requirements for both standards. At a future date when AS/NZS 2053 is officially withdrawn, we will be in a strong position to continue supporting our customers in all their electrical ducting and conduit requirements.”

Our PVC-U Electrical Cable Ducts and PVC-U Electrical Conduits are compliant with both standards and the following summary will explain the new options within the Iplex range of PVC-U Electrical Cable Ducts and Conduits:

Option 1 – Ducts and conduits manufactured to AS / NZS 2053.2

Iplex PVC Duct, product Code 2700 Series, Nominal diameter 80mm, 100mm & 150mm PVC-U ducts coloured orange, in Light Duty (LD), Medium Duty (MD) or Heavy Duty (HD).

(Iplex Product Code 2700 Series Conduit Nominal diameter 32mm, 40mm & 50mm PVC-U ducts coloured orange are manufactured to the OD and wall thickness dimensions of AS/NZS 1260.)

Option 2 – Ducts and conduits manufactured to AS / NZS 61386

Iplex PVC Duct, Product Code 2900 Series, Nominal diameter 50mm, 80mm, 100mm and 150mm PVC-U ducts coloured orange, manufactured to AS/NZS 61386.21. in Heavy Duty Classification (SN10) are currently available.

Subject to agreed lead times and minimum order quantities, other sizes in this range will also be made available.

  • Light Duty Classification (SN 2) - replaces “Light Duty” above
  • Medium Duty Classification (SN4) - replaces “Medium Duty” above
  • Very Heavy Duty Classification (SN25) - This option is subject to minimum order quantities and agreed lead times.