Choosing Nexus over Novaflo

Rural Case Study

Firstly let’s consider the pipes, they are not like for like products that can be compared on price. Nexus because of its’ smooth bore, less turbulent flow within the pipe conveys considerably more water than Novaflo, in fact 49% more on any given gradient for the 110mm pipe. ‘Think not about the per metre price, but the volume of water transported for that price and Nexus is actually a more economic choice.

 Furthermore the 110mm Nexus flow performance is so good, it may not be necessary for high drainage volumes to step up to the next diameter 160mm Novaflo, so the farmer can actually be saving money purchasing Nexus’, says Kevin.Griffithís chain trencher installing Nexus

 For more information on land drainage pipe, talk to your Farmlands TFO or the knowledgeable team at the local Farmlands store. The effects of pugging in wet soils can’t be overstated; short term good pasture is trampled into the ground and long term soil compaction, leads to a less healthy soil structure for worm activity, pasture growth and the effectiveness of fertiliser application.

 Get the water out of the soil profile faster and be able to utilise the wetter parts of the farm for longer periods during the year.’ Faster flow within the Nexus land drainage pipe also ‘flushes out’ any soil that has entered the pipe, maintaining the bore size, flow rate and ultimately the effective working life of the drainage line. Conversely the slower water flow through corrugated bore Novaflo can lead to soil build up within the pipe, reducing the bore diameter, further reducing the flow rate and eventually causing pipeline failure, if not regularly cleaned out.

 From a design perspective, because of its smooth-bore Nexus can also be laid on a flatter grade than Novaflo, more than twice a shallow. Given the lowest point in a drainage line is the outlet, just above the normal water level in an open drain, drainage lines in Nexus can be run for longer lengths before they get too close to the surface. This allows for greater flexibility in land drainage system design, leading to cost effective high performing systems.

Other benefits also accrue from the faster flow of water through Nexus. Production outcome are improved through better drained soils; enhanced roots systems, sturdier more resilient pasture, greater dry matter yields and the flow on effect of boosted production.

‘I’m sold on Nexus as the first choice in land drainage pipe’, says Kevin. ‘It’s the same price to install as Novaflo, yet has all the aforementioned longevity, design and production benefits’. As I tell my clients ‘Go with the flow’.