About us
About us

Smarter, Trusted Pipelines


We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic pipeline systems

Iplex Pipelines is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic pipeline systems in Australasia. Iplex manufactures and supplies pipeline systems from 15 mm up to 3,000 mm in diameter for a diverse range of applications including: water supply, sewerage, plumbing, gas, stormwater, irrigation, telecommunications, electrical, mining and industrial. Iplex operates manufacturing and distribution facilities in New Zealand, and all six Australian States.

Bringing you the latest technology

Iplex has a long-term technology supply arrangement with Wavin. Iplex also maintains close associations with other industry leaders around the world to ensure the latest technological innovations are available to our customers. Iplex undertakes its own product and technological development which is aimed at meeting the specific requirements of local conditions and projects in New Zealand and Australia.

We always ensure the highest quality

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All Iplex manufacturing plants have ISO 9001 quality assurance programs. An independent Quality Assurance Services (QAS) company carries out regular audits to provide third party accreditation of the company's quality management systems and verify its ongoing compliance with this Standard. Our laboratory is IANZ accredited to Accreditation Number 61.

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Great advice from the experts

Iplex offer extensive customer support through industry orientated sales and marketing functions, servicing all pipeline users.  Our technical advisory team, made up of experienced pipeline engineers and technical experts, are able to offer advice covering pipeline design, specification, supply, and installation.   


Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Together we strive to be better every day by committing to:

  • Programmes and measures that enhance health and productivity. We recognise that improvements are achieved through partnerships with our employees and other workers.
  • Working with the public, industry and regulatory bodies to protect the environment by reducing the environmental impacts associated with our manufacturing, construction and extraction operations, and the distribution use of our building materials.
  • Effective management of safety risks at our operations so that our employees and other workers are not exposed to the risk of significant injury or fatality.