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Iplex Pipelines is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic pipeline systems in Australasia.  Iplex manufactures and supplies pipeline systems from 15 mm up to 3,000 mm in diameter for a diverse range of applications including:  Water Supply, Sewerage, Plumbing, Gas, Stormwater, Irrigation, Telecommunications, Electrical, Mining and Industrial.  Iplex operates manufacturing/distribution facilities located in New Zealand, and within every Australian State.


Founded in 1938 as Iplex Plastics, the company played a leading role in the development of plastic components over many years.  Then in 1962, Iplex was a pioneer in the introduction of plastic pipes.  Many firsts followed - including the introduction of moulded PVC plumbing fittings, dual hardness rubber ring joints for PVC pressure pipes, Blue Brute uPVC Pressure Pipes, Rhino modified PVC pressure pipes, Apollo oPVC pressure pipes, Black Max and Nexus twinwall drainage pipes, the Pro-fit polybutylene hot and cold water plumbing system and HOBAS centrifugally cast GRP pipes.  Now taken for granted, each of these developments, at the time, represented a major advance in the acceptance and use of plastics in pipelines.

Iplex Pipelines, known at the time as James Hardie Pipelines, was sold by James Hardie Industries in October 1997 to a joint venture owned 75% by the Crane Group and 25% by the Netherlands-based company Wavin.

In April 2011 the Crane Group was acquired by Fletcher Building.  Iplex Pipelines now operates as part of the Fletcher Building global community with more than 19,000 people across 40 countries.  Dual-listed on both the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) and the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the ticker code FBU, Fletcher Building is an integrated manufacturer and distributor of infrastructure and building products, whilst including subsidiaries Fletcher Construction and Fletcher Residential, New Zealand's leading general contractor and residential home builder respectively.

Across all our operations we strive for excellence in efficiency, innovation, health and safety and environmental performance.  Sustainability is a defining factor in everything we do.


All Iplex manufacturing plants have ISO 9002 quality assurance programs.  Quality Assurance Services (QAS) carries out regular audits to provide third party accreditation of the Company's Quality Management Systems and verify its ongoing compliance with this Standard.

Our laboratory is IANZ accredited, Accreditation Number 61.



Certificate Type

Certification Number

AS/NZS 1260 SMKP20185
AS/NZS 1260 SMKP20184
AS/NZS 1254 SMKP20126
AS/NZS 1254 SMKP20180
AS/NZS 4765 SMK02570
AS/NZS 1477 SMK02569
AS/NZS 4130 SMKP20400
AS/NZS 1477 SMKP20181
AS/NZS 4441 SMKP20682












Iplex has a long-term technology supply arrangement with Wavin.  Iplex also maintains close associations with other industry leaders around the world to ensure the latest innovations are available to customers.  Iplex also undertakes its own product and technological development, aimed at meeting the specific requirements of local conditions and projects in New Zealand and Australia.



Iplex offers extensive customer support through industry orientated sales and marketing functions, servicing all pipeline users.  Our technical advisory staff include professionals who are experienced pipeline engineers and are able to offer advice covering pipeline design, specification, supply, and installation.  This extra help is readily available by phone, fax, or e-mail.


Further information about Iplex can be obtained by contacting Iplex:  Telephone (0800) 800 262 or Facsimile (0800) 800 804